Kata taught at Kensaki Iai Dojo.



The seitei-gata, are a series of standard kata. Beginners start with these and they are so important that all grades up to the highest continue to train and develop using these forms. This standard set of kata (names shown below) was created in 1968 by a committee formed by the All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF, Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei or ZNKR). The twelve Seitei iaido forms (seitei-gata) are standardised for the tuition, promotion and propagation of iaido in clubs that are members of the regional Kendo federations.  All dojo that are members of the regional Kendo federations teach this set. Since member federations of the International Kendo Federation (FIK) use seitei gata as a standard for their iaido exams (grading) and shiai (competitions), these seitei-gata forms have become the most widely practised Kata in Japan and throughout the rest of the world.

  1.  Mae
  2.  Ushiro
  3.  Uke nagashi
  4.  Tsuka-ate
  5.  Kesa giri
  6.  Morote tsuki
  7.  Sanpo giri
  8.  Gan men ate
  9.  Soete tsuki
  10.  Shiho giri
  11.  So giri
  12.  Nukiuchi

(the first four kata start from a sitting position and the other eight start from standing)



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